Errata to

ﳰan>Halpin, T., Evans, K., Hallock, P., & MacLean, B. 2003,

Database Modeling with Microsoftﳵp> Visio for Enterprise Architects

(Morgan Kaufmann: San Francisco).


Last updated: 2004 December 27




The symbol ﳰan>༯span>�ns 㠲eplaced by쯳pan> Thanks to Scott Baldwin, James Rowland-Jones, Maria Rutgers, Dan Woodward, and Tim Williams for collectively spotting most of these errors. If you spot any other errors, please e-mail them to me at



Corrections to First Printing


p. iii:

岰etual Data Systems쯳pan>༯span> pendent Consultant�?

⴨ogonal Software Corporation쯳pan>༯span> 鍄EX쯳pan>


p. ix: 쯳sary and ORM Notation쯳pan>༯span> 쯳sary and Modeling Notations�?


p. 9, para. 2, line 3: epresent쯳pan>༯span> igure 1-2 represent쯺p>


p. 49, 2nd last para., line 1: ᴩent 1025쯳pan>༯span> ᴩent 1056쯺p>


p. 51, line 6: ೭okes ༯span>༯span> ೭okes쯺p>


p. 66, para. 4,

line 2: 㰡n class=SpellE>CountryCode쯳pan>༯span> 㰡n class=SpellE>CountryCode)�?

line 4: ﵮtry(Code)쯳pan>༯span> ﵮtry(Code))쯺p>


p. 68, step 7, line 6: �?/span>༯span> �?o:p>


p. 73, para. 3, line 2㳰ace쯳pan>༯span> "space".


p. 74, para. 1, line 1: 䥮tity쯳pan>༯span> 㰡n class=GramE>identify쯺p>


p. 98, para. 2, line 4: �?span>༯span> 䮼o:p>


p. 99, Hint, last line: ﵮtryName0쯳pan>༯span> 㰡n class=SpellE>CountryName()쯺p>


p. 107, para. 2, line 2: 鲣les쯳pan>༯span> 鲣led쯺p>


p. 112, sec. 5.7, para. 1, line 3: �?༯span> 쳰an class=GramE>..5쯺p>


p. 142, para. 1, append: �?that once you have migrated, subsequent column name changes will be overridden if you say No to migrate those changes. But if you say Yes to migrate those changes, those changes will be respected.�?


p. 158, para. 2:

ࠠࠠline 1: 駵re 7-32쯳pan>༯span> 駵re 7-34�?

ࠠࠠline 2: ᰳ쯳pan>༯span> �?


p. 178, para. 4, line 3: 㠦acility쯳pan>༯span> ᣩlity쯺p>


p. 179, last line: 詧hlight Object쯳pan>༯span> 駨light ⪥ct쯺p>


p. 205, Figure 10-1: In the annotation column of the Country table scheme, ᔠshould appear on the row for the attribute CountryName.


p. 206, para. 2, last line: 襠Glossary쯳pan>༯span> 襠Logical Model Notation glossary쯺p>


p. 205, last para: Delete last sentence.


p. 233, Table 11-1: Remove all underlines; Change bold type to plain type;

ࠠࠠRemove row line above Country_code entry.


p. 235, Note, line 2: ﴠtechnically not쯳pan>༯span> ﴠtechnically쯺p>


p. 241, Caution: Delete second sentence ead, Oracle 륹쯺p>


p. 245, line 2: 岶er쯳pan>༯span> 岶er.쯺p>


p. 249, 2nd last line: 쯳e쯳pan>༯span> 误se쯺p>


p. 251, section 11.5, line 1: 㰡n class=SpellE>ard꼯span>༯span> �?o:p>


p. 331, Table 16-1: Delete the second row of data (concerning Patient has PhoneNr).


p. 332, table 16-2: ﳰan>Delete the last row of data (concerning PhoneNr).


pp. 335-6, step 4:

Move 駵re 16-4 with the exception of the table name䯠the end of step 3, and renumber steps 5, 6, and 7 to 4, 5, and 6.


p. 358, step 5: ᫥쯳pan>༯span> ᫩ng쯺p>


p. 368, Layer example, line 2: �?layers defined above쯳pan>༯span> �?layers defined in Table 17-1쯺p>


p. 369, last para.,

line 1: ﬥ쯳pan>༯span> ﬥs쯺p>

Line 3: ﬥ쯳pan>༯span> ﬥs쯺p>


p. 370,

Figure 17-7 caption: 㳩gn shapes instances to the Patient Only Layer.쯳pan>༯span> 㳩gn three shapes to four layers.

Para. 1, line 3: ṥrs쯳pan>༯span> ṥr Properties쯺p>


p. 373, 2nd last line: 饷쯳pan>༯span> rt쯺p>


p. 380, sec. 17.2,

para. 2, last line: �? Time again쯳pan>༯span> �? time again!쯳pan>

para. 3, line 2: ⥳ent some쯳pan>༯span> ⥶ent someone쯺p>


p. 389: 쯳sary and ORM Notation쯳pan>༯span> 쯳sary and Modeling Notations�?


p. 395: ⍠Notation쯳pan>༯span> 拉ling Notations�?

�?/span>Below this new header, add the sub-header ⍠Notation鮠a smaller font.


pp. 398-9, page headers: ⍠Notation쯳pan>༯span> 里cal Model Notation�?


p. 414, entry for Database, connection: �?༯span> �?


p. 416, entry for Fact Editor: �?22쯳pan>༯span> Ԯ


p. 418, entries for Layers:

�?/span>Delete �?71.�?

�?/span>Delete ﮳traint type, 192�?

�?/span>Delete �?type, 195�?

�?/span>Delete �?menu, 45�?

�?/span>Delete ⪥ct-role modeling, 46�?

�?/span>Delete ⪥ct type report, 182-187, 184, 185�?

�?/span>Delete ᴩent model, 369t, 369, 370, 371, 372, 373�?

�?/span>Delete ﵲce stencil, 42�?

�?/span>Delete 㰡n class=SpellE>supertype, 196�?

�?/span>Delete 鮤ow, search, 41, Visio help, 45�?